Ticket sale

Ticket sale starts on Monday February 4, 2019 at 8.00. There is a limited amount of tickets, so get there early!

Ticket sale locations:

NOTE! Following limitations apply: 1 person can purchase tickets for one team (4 pcs) or two tickets for the Afterparty in Puikkari.

Team competition ticket

Team competition tickets for four students costs 10 euros each (total of 40 euros). The price includes a ticket to the Afterparty in Ilona and a Winterfest overall patch.

Afterparty ticket (in advance)

The Afterparty ticket grants you only the admittance to Ilona. Afterparty ticket costs 7 euros and includes the Winterfest overall patch.

Afterparty ticket (at the door)

Limited amount of tickets will be sold at Ilona after 22:30. Ticket from the door costs 9 euros (incl. a Winterfest overall patch) or 7 euros (does not include a patch).